3D Josh Kerr Moonraker

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Based in Western Australia, 3D Fins is committed to providing surfers with fins that take their performance to the next level. Courtney Potter, the mastermind behind the brand, is constantly researching and designing new fin designs that give “cutting edge” a whole new meaning. Potter likes to experiment with several fin materials in order to find the best combination of durability and eco-friendliness. Each surfboard fin from 3D Fins is tested under a range of conditions, from baby crests to 20 foot waves. Simply put, by the time your 3D Fin makes it to your surfboard, you can be confident that it’s going to exceed your expectations! You may have noticed their fins have a dimpled texture. Similar to a dimpled golf ball, their surface creates less drag and provides more speed for surfers looking for that extra drive. Their fins are also designed with carbon bases, which adds strength and stiffness to the lower section of the fin while allowing the upper section of the fin to flex. 3D Fins come in several sizes to fit any size surfboard. Choose from solid, neon colors or colorful custom graphics to make your board stand out.

You haven’t surfed until you tried out 3D Fins. You won’t be disappointed in what this brand has to offer!