After-School Camps



9 Weeks of SHRED! Our Skaters will have full use of the lower 'Park', while the upstairs miniramp is still open and available for daily drop-ins.  Surfers will meet at the shop and will be driven to the beach-of-the-day. Boards will be provided, if necessary, for all shredders!


SKATE: $450.00 

SURF: $500.00


Classes Times: 3:45pm-5:15pm @ Isolated 

*Surf Classes will likely extend a bit beyond 5:15pm due to driving times, and we will coordinate on the day the most appropriate dropoff/pickup location

Fall 2023 Dates 

Week 1: Sept 26th-29th
Week 2: Oct 3rd-6th
Week 3: Oct 10th- 13th
Week 4: Oct 17th-20th
Week 5: MIDTERM BREAK/No After School Shred * Camp Shred is on, tho!
Week 6: Oct 31st-Nov3rd
Week 7: Nov 7th-10th
Week 8: Nov 14th-17th
Week 9: Nov 21st-24th
Week 10: Nov 28th-Dec 1st
What Level is your shred!?


Level 1: Total Beginner - Learning how to push and stay standing!
Level 2: Beginner with Experience- can tic-tack/pump on the ramp but still a little nervous about the drop-in!
Level 2+: Early Intermediate - can pump, drop-in and now focusing on more 'lip' tricks and basic flat ground tricks


Level 1: Total Beginner - what is surfing?!
Level 2+ Beginner with Experience- can paddle and pop-up inconsistently
Level 2++: Early Intermediate - can pop-up but trying to figure out which waves to catch and how to control my board and beyond!
* Please note that for Level 2++, we will be taking the group into the 'best' conditions available, which can mean surfing the island's reef breaks and/or surfing larger, more challenging waves. 
If you have any questions/concerns about which Level is most appropriate for your child, please feel free to reach out to us and we can advise!