Fall Camps

Skateboarding is more than just fun- it’s a discipline, which becomes more and more enjoyable with increased riding comfort. With that said, we are excited to announce the introduction of CAMP SHRED: FALL EDITIONa camp running from October 24th-28th.
The program is designed build confidence and proper technique in a variety of skateboarding areas, including ramp, park and street-styles. Each camper will get the opportunity to improve their skills, in small groups, enabling them to unlock their creative athletic potential. The cost is $425 and the age requirement is 10+ years of age. While no experience is necessary, we will be working at an accelerated pace; carefully monitoring and matching the group dynamics. 
Campers can expect:
to be challenged; 
to be able to overcome obstacles, both real and imaginary;
to empower others in their quest for success; 
and, to reach a greater level of personal fulfillment through hard (and fun!) work. 
Our program will run from 9am until 3pm and pickup and drop-off is at our location at 104 Reid Street. The schedule includes detailed, hands-on instruction; video analysis sessions; field trips to secret skate spots; skateboard movie time; AND creative art classes where each camper will customize their skate deck! We’ll have a fun little contest at the end of each week, too! Each camper will receive their Camp Shred T-shirt and a ‘blank’ skateboard deck (to be decorated!). They are required to bring their own helmets. 
After successful registration, you’ll be sent a payment link which you can complete online, or call in and pay over the phone. 
We require a 50% deposit to hold your child’s spot in the camp! 
The SURF EDITION will be running concurrently with the SKATE EDITION and will require the campers to have at least a basic set of surfing skills. This camp will help usher the next crop of foam frothers into the soup with a comprehensive set of skills which don’t stop at the high water line! We will be covering proper surf technique with regards to paddling, duck diving, turning and ocean dynamics.
There will be quite a bit of time in the water, looking around the island for the best waves on offer, but also have daily classroom exercises where we cover the other side of surfing, including understanding etiquette, safety, surf history, board design and repairs, and competition theory. 
The Surf Edition will meet at Isolated HQ at 9am and pickup will be back at the shop at 3pm, unless conditions warrant a few extra go’s in the surf! Campers are expected to have their own equipment - preferably a  fiberglass board, plenty of sunscreen and lots of water. If a camper doesn’t have suitable equipment, but has an adequate amount of wave time under their belt, we can make accommodations on a situation-specific basis. 
The cost is $450 per shredling and subject to availability. The age requirement is 10+ years of age and surf experience and a sufficient level of comfort in the ocean is required.